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Rainshower approaching peaceful lake
Another beautiful campervan overnight location, right at a peaceful lake. The perfect place to find inner peace and get some rest. We decided to leave before the arrival of the bad weather. (Folldal, Norway, August 1992 - Image ID 199208-NO-07)
Glacier river mouth
Hike right to the powerful and chilly source of one of the countless Norwegian rivers and streams. An amazing visual and acoustic experience! (Bjöbergfjell, Norway, August 1992 - Image ID 199208-NO-06)
Blue piece of ice on the edge of a waterfall
A nice conclusion of the 1992 Norway images upload: another ice sculpture near the Bjöbergfjell glacier. We didn't stay long enough to see it melting further and subsequently falling down the waterfall. (Bjöbergfjell, Norway, August 1992 - Image ID 199208-NO-05)
Ice cube XXL on the rocks
A glacier by itself is already a very impressive view. Once you start strolling around, and explore the various pieces of ice melting in its surroundings, you will discover a lot more natural, yet short-lived, beauty. (Bjöbergfjell, Norway, August 1992 - Image ID 199208-NO-04)
Raindrop circles in a deep-blue pond
Water comes in countless shapes and colours. Rainy days provide ample opportunities to create photos that are very different from the mainstream motifs usually taken. (Jostedal, Norway, August 1992 - Image ID 199208-NO-03)
Colorful patterns on a huge boulder
Even in harsh cold climate conditions, certain plants and organisms will survive and add nice colours to an otherwise rather grey landscape. Just picked one exmple of several shots of these natural pieces of art. (Sognefjell, Norway, August 1992 - Image ID 199208-NO-02)
High elevation Norwegian lake in mid-summer
Even during mid-summer, the lakes in the higher elevations of Norway continue to be partially covered with ice and snow. This one on the Sognefjell was particularly beautiful to watch (not to swim) (Sognefjell, Norway, August 1992 - Image ID 199208-NO-01)
Island forest illuminated by sunbeam
A perfect spot for an overnight stay with a camping car: a beautiful (yet cold and windy) lake in Central Sweden, on our route back into Norway. (Överturingen, Sweden, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-17)
Skoganvarre spherized stony beach and sky
On the way South towards Finland, we came across this peaceful beach with shallow water nicely structured by a huge amount of stones. To enhance the magical atmosphere of this place, I used a filter creating a sphere in the center of the image. (Skoganvarre, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-16)
Lonely red house at Porsangerfjord
On the return from the most Northern point in continental Europe, I spotted this typical pitoresque red house on the shores of yet another fjord, beautifully illuminated by the sun. (Porsangerfjord, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-15)
Rombaksfjord boulder at low tide
Another view over one of the many bays of the Rombaksfjord. Low tide reveals the colourful beauty of the marine flora otherwise hidden by the water. (Rombaksfjord, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-13)
Ullsfjord at low tide
On our way towards the North Cape, we passed Ullsfjord at low tide. Reveiling seagrass usually hidden below the surface made a nice contrast to the clean air and the still snow-covered peaks in the background. (Ullsfjord, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-14)
Skjerstadfjord summernight colors
One of those magic evening/night drives in Scandinavian summer, with breathtaking scenery behind every corner. Always loved the very unique colours enhanced by the fresh and clean air. (Skjerstadfjord, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-11)
Small waterfalls, destination Geiranger Fjord
Taking a ferry to cross the vast and deep fjords in Norway is a guaranteed WOW-trip. Countless waterfalls drop down the steep mountain walls, adding a nice contrast to the dark rocks. (Geiranger Fjord, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-05)
Ebb tide shores in Rombaksfjord
One of the main advantages of visiting Norway with a motor home is the option to spontaneously decide for a spectacular overnight stay in nature. Waking up, the low tide offered beautiful views over the fjord. (Rombaksfjord, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-12)
Svartissen triangle: Glacier, lake & rocks
Not sure how large the Svartissen glacier still is today. 30 years ago, it was an amazing experience to approach it during our hike along the lake. I love the blue color of the ice. (Svartissen, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-10)
Svartissen rocks relief and dark clouds
Despite of the bad weather with repeated heavy rainshowers, we went for an extended hike to explore the Svartissen glacier and lake. Nature generously rewarded us for our efforts. (Svartissen, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-09)
Midnight Northern twilight
Travelling at night in Scandinavia in Summer provides a unique experience. Since it's never getting really dark, there are a few hours with a very special twilight, hard to describe. (Rossvoll, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-08)
The majestic Geiranger Fjord
From the times when there was only a few large cruise ships entering this impressive location... Equally impressive from the ferry and from above. (Geiranger Fjord, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-06)
Close elk encounter
On the way from Breesgard to Trondheim, we spotted one of the iconic animals of the North, an elk. Without thinking too much, I stepped out of the car and walked as close as necessary to take this photo. Maybe not such a smart idea..., they are huge! (Breesgard, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-07)
Glacier lake and waterfall
En route from Fjärland via Briksdal to Loen, we found this stunning lake and waterfall, both fed from the glaciers on top of the surrounding mountains. (Briksdal, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-04)
Voringsfossen waterfall - ravine view
In order to fully appreciate and enjoy this spectacular scenary, it is important to go for a hike in the steep and dark ravine. Apart from the views, its obviously the roaring sound of the falling water, and the moisture in the air to provide a special experience. (Voringsfossen, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-02)
Shrimp shovel - a perfect color match
Visiting fresh produce markets is always interesting, e.g. the fish market in Bergen. I liked this arrangement in orange and pink, and of course the shrimps caught in the clean cold waters of the North Sea. (Bergen, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-03)
Mushroom fountain
A different shape of water: this interesting fountain in Norway's capital Oslo creates beautiful visual and acoustic effects. A good reason to sit down, relax, observe and enjoy. (Oslo, Norway, July 1992 - Image ID 199207-NO-01)