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About me

In my teenage years, I dreamt about becoming a professional photo-journalist, and to travel the world.
The main reason not to follow this idea was the concern that I would lose my passion for capturing the motifs that I like, and rather have to accept projects on topics that generate income.

Hence, I decided to move into a management career in automotive and was fortunate to work for more than 30 years for Mercedes-Benz/Daimler, living on four different continents. Since 2010, I joined the Nikon community, starting with a D300S, and later changed to D800 with several quality lenses. Obviously, time for photo-taking was limited, but during this time I got to know amazing people and places and learnt about the importance to giving back to society and nature.​
When I went on early retirement mid of last year, I wasn’t sure about what I would do next, and told everyone that I would take 6-12 months to decide. One important “To Do” though was to screen and digitize my big collection of analog photographic memories. It was during this process that I decided to launch www.images4nature.com for the reasons described in the Purpose Section.
I hope you will enjoy it, and if you do, please share the link for this website!