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Red rocks and riverbed winter wonderland
A very special winter landscape: due to its high altitude, Lesotho can get quite a lot of seasonal snow. Combined with a dark blue sky and the clean fresh air, the vast mountain region becomes a very scenic destination. (Lesotho, August 2012 - Image ID 201208-LS-01)
Icicle curtain melting in the sun
Changing perspective! After taking a number of photos of the icicles covering the colourful boulders, I leaned against the rocks and captured the melting needles from below and behind. Small change in position, big change of the image. (Lesotho, August 2012 - Image ID 201208-LS-10)
Lesotho round house in snow-covered mountain area
Built entirely from local materials (stones, wood, grass), this typical hut can provide shelter even in Winter, even though it seemed uninhabited at the time of our visit. (Lesotho, August 2012 - Image ID 201208-LS-08)
Icicle waterfall on the rocks
Same location, different perspective. Instead of taking an image from behind the icicles, this overview shows the stunning beauty of the frozen waterfall in the Lesotho highlands. A temporary feast for the eyes... (Lesotho, August 2012 - Image ID 201208-LS-05)
Icy stream flowing through Lesotho's winter landscape
Another breathtaking view of a little stream, flowing peacefully in various curves through the higlhlands of Lesotho. With the entire landscape beautifully covered with fresh and clean snow, this place was just magic. (Lesotho, August 2012 - Image ID 201208-LS-03)
A wall of snow towards the dark blue sky
One of my favourite pics from this short trip into Lesotho: a step wall of snow including an overhang at the top. The bright white creates an extreme contrast with the ultra-dark and blue sky. (Lesotho, August 2012 - Image ID 201208-LS-02)
Typical rural Lesotho village in Winter
For the local people living at this altitude, winter weather conditions are pretty tough. This is how many villages in rural areas of this beautiful, but also very poor country look like, with theit traditional round houses. (Lesotho, August 2012 - Image ID 201208-LS-06)
Icicles melting in the powerful Lesotho highland sun
No matter how cold it may get during the Lesotho mountain nights, things quickly change as soon as the sun comes up. Enhanced by the clean air and high altitude, the magic of winter wonderland quickly starts to melt away. (Lesotho, August 2012 - Image ID 201208-LS-04)
Cows high mountain pasture feast
Cattle breeding and agriculture are an important part of most people's life in Lesotho. These cows have found a snow-free area with juicy grass to feed on, whereas the mountains in the background are fully covered with snow. (Lesotho, August 2012 - Image ID 201208-LS-07)
Vegetation in the fight with snow and ice
Even though Winter doesn't last long in Lesotho, it poses some challenges to local plants that need to survive the time they are covered with snow and ice. (Lesotho, August 2012 - Image ID 201208-LS-09)
Highland shelter in blue (abstract)
The final image from the short trip into Lesotho! Obviously, not a real "blue hour" capture, but rather a digitally composed and modified phantasy landscape. (Lesotho, August 2012 - Image ID 201208-LS-11)