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At Work (II)
There are definitely worse days at the office than this... Walking around World Heritage Site "Mont Saint Michel" during ebb tide with this kind of weather and relatively few tourists was absolute fun. (France, Mont Saint Michel, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-24)
Abbey mirror
During high tide, even part of the grasslands on the coastline are under water. As long as you don't mind getting your shoes (or feet) dirty, this provides unique photo opportunities. (France, Mont Saint Michel, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-30)
Yellow buoy
Tidal magnitudes in the bay of Mont Saint Michel are the highest in the whole of Europe. Whilst the flood make it an island when it reaches the high stone walls, ebb tide offers completely different impressions. (France, Mont Saint Michel, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-25)
U - sheep
Tranquil afternoon panarama with sheep feeding on the juicy grass surrounding Le Mont-Saint-Michel. The U-shaped ditch added this little extra to an otherwise sort of boring photo. (France, Mont Saint Michel, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-29)
Abbey silhouette
During ebb tide, one can basically walk around the Mont Saint Michel, and admire its' beauty and architecture from all directions. To do something different, I took this image directly into the afternoon sun. (France, Mont Saint Michel, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-27)
Tourist attraction - so what ?
Whilst the Unesco World Heritage Side can get quite busy even during low season, these sheep enjoy their afternoon feast. A very relaxing scenery... (France, Mont Saint Michel, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-28)
Sailing paradise
Autumn must be one of the best times for sailing enthusiasts to enjoy Brittany's spectacular coastline and pitoresque harbour cities. Relatively empty, reliable solid wind and pleasant temperatures make this part of France an excellent destination (France, Dinard, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-16)
Pink window veils
Bad weather is always a perfect opportunity to stroll around cities and villages, trying to find interesting details to photograph. Not sure about the motivitation or deeper meaning of this window decoration, but it definitely caught my attention. (France, Cancale, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-18)
Blue hour Saint Malo
Clashing with the usual restaurant dinner times in October, the blue hour is definitely worth making other eating plans. This peaceful evening scene of Saint Malo was captured from Dinard at the opposite side of the bay. (France, Saint Malo, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-17)
Red chairs
A beautfiul hiking trail leads from Basse Cancale to Pointe du Grouin. After every corner, interesting new views await ... (France, Basse Cancale, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-22)
Seagull portrait
Walking around the high city walls of Saint Malo, I spotted this seagull taking a rest in the afternoon sun. Fortunately, I quickly took a portrait snapshot with my iPhone, before another tourist chased her away. (France, Saint Malo, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-13)
Different Twins
Walking around Saint-Malo on its huge medieval stone wall provides excellent viewing opportunities, both overlooking the sea, as well as into the historic city. (France, Saint Malo, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-14)
Forbidden (II)
Whenever I go on my urban photo walks, I enjoy taking a whole series of images featuring the same topic. In the touristic coastal city of Cancale (oysters!), a number of colorful "No Parking" signs were almost asking to be captured. (France, Cancale, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-20)
Seawater swimming pool
A very pragmatic approach to create protected zones for swimmers that even work during ebb tide. Many cities in Brittany have this kind of natural saltwater pools. Water is replaced every 10 hours when the flood rises, and the pool disappears for some time. (France, Saint Malo, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-15)
Season's over
When visiting around mid October, the naval season was basically over. Sailboats, kayaks and surfboards were still lying on the beach, but operations will most likely only resume next summer. (France, Basse Cancale, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-23)
Just waves !
As kids, most of us spent endless time just sitting at a beach, and watching the waves rolling onto the shore. As busy adults, we tend to just walk by... Maybe time to rethink, take a rest and relax. Better than many TV programs! (France, Tregastel, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-07)
Broken heart
Even with bad weather, an extended hike along the rocky coastline near Plougrescent is worth the effort. Whilst most eyes are obviously focused on the sea and the waves, the spectacular rock formations also deserve our attention. (France, Plougrescant, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-06)
The Guardian
For good reasons, a very frequently photographed landmark on the pink granite coast in Brittany: the Ploumanac'h lighthouse. Whilst I didn't visit it in the morning, I guess late afternoon is probably the best time for amazing light and color contrasts (France, Ploumanac'h, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-09)
Pink granite only
Admittedly, a very well known photo motif: the lighthouse of Ploumanac'h. Made of the same material as the rocks it stands on, the late afternoon sun brings out the amazing colors. (France, Ploumanac'h, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-10)
The tides in Brittany come with quite impressive amplitudes, creating huge optical difference between ebb tide and flood. Walking around the smalll harbours comes with an abundance of photo opportunities. (France, Tregastel, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-02)
Perfectly aligned
Wind and water perfectly aligned all the small boats that anchored in the bay of Tregastel, creating a beautiful scene in the evening sun with the pink granite rocks. (France, Tregastel, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-11)
Evening Tranquility
Off-season is by default more quiet than the main holiday period, with many restaurants already closed for the season. This evening was particularly calm and relaxed (France, Tregastel, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-12)
Whilst the strong wind continuously pushes the waves onto the rocky shores of Brittany, the small puddle lies absolutely calm behind a wall of pink granite rocks. (France, Plougrescant, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-05)
Enviable beach house
The advantage of travelling off-season are fairly empty stretches of coastline to walk on and to admire. In this part, several houses enjoy unbeatable prime beach locations (most likely acquired long time ago). (France, Tregastel, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-08)
Colleague at work
During mid- and low season, one can be lucky and have the beautiful beach all for yourself. In this case, another photographer had already set up his tripod and was busy capturing the amazing scenery. (France, Tregastel, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-04)
Double V
Another motif discovered during a stroll on the still wet (and muddy!) seabed during ebb tide. With lots of small boats resting in the harbour, there are obviously countless anchors and ropes volunteering as models. (France, Tregastel, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-03)
Ebb tide access
During low tide, one can easily walk over from Trebeurden to L'Ile Miliau. A short distance only, and already packed with spectacular views. (France, Trebeurden, October 2022 - Image ID 202210-FR-01)